Welcome to Studio Tibor

Studio Tibor is one of Australia’s premier ballet studios.

Julia Horvath, Co Founder & Artistic Director alongside Damian Hannan, Co Founder & Managing Director have created an environment of learning, discipline and artistry for all students of classical ballet.

Our purpose is simple, we teach classical ballet – in it’s purest form as it was intended. To be respected, mastered and performed and your age or level of experience are no deterrent for our experienced and dedicated professional teachers.

The Studio Tibor premises has a pervasive feeling, almost palpable as soon as you walk up the stairs. The space is infused with the vitality, energy and self expression of each of the students who contribute to its success, our community of dancers . The 3 studios are named, paying homage to 3 Classical Ballet Masters, Petipa, Nijinsky and Balanchine.

Julia and Damian have designed Studio Tibor to be welcoming, friendly and inclusive to all who come in while acknowledging and respecting the traditional demands, discipline and history of classical ballet training.